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“Working as a manager of a large business has its perks, but it also comes with some downfalls.  Mainly, when there are people problems, they become your problem.  It can be scary when those problems become violent; for you, your family, and your employees.  That is when we had Protection Inc come to the facility.  Their presence immediately provided peace of mind to our staff, and to me personally.  I appreciated their professional demeanor, and the ease in which they communicate.  Hopefully we won’t ever need their services again, but if we do, I know who to call!”   B.L. Iowa

"This is in regards to Brian Schmidt. I have known him for approximately 20 years.  I know Brian well. His people skills are strong. He is thoughtful and extremely discerning.  


"His “self- defense” and “security skills” are exceptional.  Brian is highly respected."  R.B. PHD Arizona

"Brian is an ultimate professional with good judgment and a very professional image. His business ethics and integrity are sterling and consistent.
He has done excellent work for me on some very private matters and I highly recommend him." J.R. Arizona

"I have been a manager of a large business for 21 years and things have gone good most of that time. But recently, trouble started with an ex-employee making threats on myself and my staff.  Me, my family and my employees felt afraid and we had no idea who to turn to. That is when I was told about Protection Inc.  They showed up at my facility on very short notice on a Sunday afternoon ready to get to work.  During his first day on the job here, when I first talked to Brian, the questions he asked of me about our situation- I was confident that he knew what he doing. The crew from Protection Inc immediately provided peace of mind to our staff, and to me and my wife personally.  The crew was here with us for two weeks, and they were accepted as part of the family at the facility.  We were almost sad to see them go!  If you need to feel safe, I strongly recommend Protection Inc."  G.D.  Iowa

May I take this opportunity to endorse Brian Schmidt for your consideration in matters associated with providing Protective Services. 


"I coordinated Brian’s services on multiple occasions in providing protective services to individuals under active threats warranting such service.  Brian lead a protective detail assigned to several dignitaries during a large funeral with many citizens in attendance.  Brian assisted with establishing the protection plan, drawing schematics, and arranging primary and secondary escape routes.  Brian also oversaw the communications and movement of other protection agents in the facility during the funeral; which funeral was significant to warrant additional assistance from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office in Arizona.  For close to a year, Brian assisted me with providing protective and facility protection to a growing church congregation whose pastor was nationally known.  This assignment presented its’ own set of unique challenges given that services were provided to both a pastor who needed to appear NOT under any threat, as well as the facility and property which has its’ own special considerations in the work of physical security."   L.R. PHD Arizona

"Brian is a natural provider of first class security, executive protection, and corporate investigations. Brian is an outstanding communicator, both verbally and in writing. His adept negotiating skills, and persuasive yet compassionate demeanor which are pinnacle in Investigations.  Additionally, I know Brian to be a discreet, confidential and sensitive personage in the method in which he approaches a client's security concerns. As a former Special Agent in Charge within Federal Law Enforcement,  If I had known him at the time, I would have had no concerns appointing Brian as my Assistant Special Agent in Charge, a key operational supervisory position within the Federal Law Enforcement community."  J.D.  North Carolina

"Brian has worked with me on a number of occasions.  He has an implicit understanding of Operational Security (OPSEC), he  is a hardworking, analytical, highly skilled operator. His professional demeanor shines in the face of adversity and challenge. Mr. Schmidt is highly proficient in the Security Field and I look forward to working with him again in the near future.   B.W. Arizona

Brian's advice was the best direction to safety. We managed to close down 1000 online accounts under my name last year to avoid further problems. I thought his advice would help to make my family and personal life safer. And, yes, it did!!  J.L.  Arizona

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